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Credit: Whitney


Whitney share new songs 'Twirl' and 'Blue'

Chicago indie rock duo Whitney have returned with two brand new singles from their upcoming LP Spark – ‘Twirl’ and ‘Blue’.

‘Blue’ features the signature high-pitched coo of singer-drummer Julien Ehrlich paired with the band’s blend of soulful R&B and relaxed indie pop. Sprightly and filled with sublime joy, ‘Blue’ is a gentle love song that never gets too schmaltzy or sappy. When Ehrlich intones, “Lately you’re the only reason my heart beats / All I want is to be your only one,” it feels genuine instead of corny.

Meanwhile, ‘Twirl’ is a more stripped-back and downtempo track with no drums and a buzzy synth soundscape around it. This is where instrumentalist Max Kakacek shines, dropping in a healthy mix of different keyboards to constantly keep the arrangement fresh. There are bloopy synths, heavenly pads, and rich piano lines littered throughout ‘Twirl’ that makes it more exploratory and less straightforward than ‘Blue’.

Both tracks are solid entry points for what is shaping up to be a more synthetic and electronic LP from Whitney. As a band that built their sound on rich acoustic instrumentation, it’s an interesting turn. Along with the band’s previous single, ‘Real Love’, it seems that Spark will let the machines do the heavy lifting this time around.

Still, Whitney hasn’t lost that natural charm by bowing down to our electronic overlords. ‘Blue’ and ‘Twirl’ are filled with that same light airiness that seems to radiate out of the band’s two members whenever they work together, and no amount of looped drums or wavvy synth-pop is going to change that.

Check out the videos for ‘Blue’ and ‘Twirl’ down below. Spark is set for a September 16th release.