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White Denim share smooth new single 'Crystal Bullets'

White Denim - 'Crystal Bullets'

White Denim has shared their delightfully groovy new single, ‘Crystal Bullets’.

The track, unfortunately, isn’t part of a new album by White Denim, who released their twelfth album in as many years, World as a Waiting Room, in 2020. However, the prolific Austin outfit can’t resist staying away from the studio for too long and ‘Crystal Bullets’ is to appear on an upcoming 12″ vinyl release also featuring the additional track ‘King Tears’, out on July 23rd through their own English Mallard label.

There’s a breeziness to ‘Crystal Bullets’, so much so that it instantly makes you forget wherever you are in the world and transports you to a serene Saloon in Texas. Thanks to the heavenly sax and delicate guitars, the sleek single is effortlessly cool as it beautifully meanders.

The band’s James Petralli commented: “The music for ‘Crystal Bullets’ was inspired by the groove of the great Bernard Purdie and the signature chopped and screwed (slowed and throwed) production techniques of Houston, Texas’ Robert Davis Jr., better known as DJ Screw. The lyrics for ‘Crystal Bullets’ were written by our longtime friend and collaborator Andy Pickett.”

He continued: “In the late nineties Andy and I spent many hours cruising around Ft. Worth in a cloud, listening to Curtis Mayfield, Arthur Lee, Daft Punk, and Big Maybelle. Our years of friendship combined with our deep reverence for the masters and a willingness to try to measure up with our own work has led to another fresh piece of White Denim music that we couldn’t be more thrilled to share.”

After twelve albums, White Denim are still firing on all cylinders and refusing to show signs of slowing down. The Texas four-piece operate on their own time zone, they work off the beaten track rather than following the traditional route, and long may it continue.