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White Denim have a song you can only listen to when it’s raining


The first new piece of music from White Denim since last year’s Stiff is here, but only if it’s currently raining. The new track is a bit of a mystery as Spotify will only let you hear it if they detect rain in your region.

The track is ‘No Nee Ta Slode Aln’ and will only be available in the US currently, but more to the point, will only be available if it is raining outside. It may have something to do with it’s affiliation with the new North Face ad which you can see below (including a 30 second clip of the song).

However frustrating it may be, there is some new music, and although you can’t listen if it is sunny, it’s also pretty difficult to complain it isn’t raining. You win some, you lose some.