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(Credit: Mitch Ikeda)


When Noel Gallagher met Bruce Springsteen

Noel Gallagher isn’t an easy character to make star struck. There’s probably only a handful of people alive on the planet who would make him feel in awe of their sheer presence. Only a true musical heavyweight or a legend of his beloved Manchester City could make Gallagher’s ego shrivel, and the time he had dinner with Bruce Springsteen will live with him forever.

While both Gallagher and Springsteen share an everyman persona and, it’s safe to say, that their lives have considerably changed since their songs caught fire in the hearts of millions. If you’re looking to find The Boss at a dive bar in Astbury Park, or Gallagher inside a working man’s club in Burnage, then you’re looking in the wrong place nowadays. Where they crossed paths couldn’t have been further away from their respective humble upbringings, and provides a glimpse into how the other half lives.

“I met Bruce Springsteen about three or four years ago,” Gallagher revealed to Apple Music’s Matt Wilkinson. The host briefly mentioned Springsteen in passing, and Noel interpreted this as the perfect opportunity to unleash his secret weapon. 

“We were out with a mutual friend of ours, in Ibiza, or Formentera at some restaurant, and somebodies phone goes. I know Mick Jagger’s kids, right. I know Jade Jagger, and she lives in Formentera,” the former Oasis man explains as he erupts into full storytelling mode.

Gallagher, full of beans, gives off the aura of a man who has dished this particular story about Springsteen to every last person he has come into contact with since the incident took place. If the Oasis royalties somehow dramatically sink, Gallagher always has a back-up on the after-dinner speaking circuit.

The High Flying Birds singer then plays out a phone call that Jagger received, asking the group if it would be OK for her Godfather to join them with his friends. When your dad is Mick Jagger, your Godfather isn’t going to be Joe Bloggs, and it turned out that Jade’s is Calvin Klein, to Noel’s surprise. On top of that, the designer came in tow with some famous friends.

When Gallagher discovered that Springsteen was coming with Klein, he reacted like any average person would and simply shouted “fuck off” as his body entered a state of shock. It didn’t take him long to re-adjust, and as everyone else was too scared to sit next to Bruce at the meal, Gallagher volunteered.

“I’m not the biggest Springsteen fan, but I love his big tunes,” Gallagher admitted. “But honestly, we had the best four-hour chat about music ever. He was like, ‘You’re from Manchester, right?’ I was like, ‘Yeah’, and he was like, ‘How about that fucking Stone Roses album, whatever happened to those guys?’ I said, ‘Let me pour you a drink and tell you the whole sorry tale,” Gallagher recounts while drifting in and out of a miscellaneous American accent.

“Honestly, one of my best ever meetings. This guy is a complete fan of music. He was a proper dude,” Gallagher added before hilariously revealing that Springsteen tried and failed to convince him to write an autobiography.

Life feels complete with the knowledge that Bruce Springsteen is a lover of The Stone Roses. Fingers crossed the next time that the Mancunians need another inevitable payday in a few years and reunite, we’ll see The Boss down the front of the crowd draped in a bucket hat, singing his heart out to ‘Fools Gold’.