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Credit: YouTube/Wandering Trad


Listen to this mash-up of Wham! and Slayer: mixing 'Last Christmas' and 'Angel of Death'

We all know the peppermint chocolate sweetness of Wham!’s hit ‘Last Christmas’, it’s been all over our festive playlists for years. Well, now it’s been given a metal makeover thanks to a mash-up with Slayer’s ‘Angel of Death’.

The YouTube creators have always loved a good mash-up, the blending of two vastly different songs to create one harmonious tune has always been a welcome refrain from the darker moments of online life.

Now, Andy Rehfeldt has created a new mash-up involving two very unlikely collaborators, as he puts George Michael’s group toe to toe with Slayer. While Wham! provide the instrumentals, the furious lyrics of ‘Angel of Death’ ring out across the newly restored eighties visuals of a frolicking snow scene.

The pairing may seem peculiar to many of us, to have the dulcet tones of George Michael and Andrew Ridley mixed with Slayer’s furious performance, but the internet is littered with Slayer/Wham! mash-ups.

Combining some of the eighties’ defining pop sounds with the overlords of metal has produced some incredible results. Including ‘Careless Whisper in the Abyss’ and ‘Tropicana Death Ensemble’ which arguably makes for a better watch.

You can find Rehfeldt’s Christmas offering, a mash-up of Wham! and Slayer as well as a few others below: