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An interview with Sheffield band Wet Nuns

It may seem longer to Alexis (Drums) and Rob (Guitar, vox) of Wet Nuns but this is only the fourth year of the band’s existence and what a year it looks like it’s going to be. They’re set to release their ‘Broken Teeth’ EP and tour that in February, play a showcase gig at SXSW in March and in the same month launch their very own festival: ‘Detestival.’

Wet Nuns are a riff laden, psychotic, drum heavy, bluesy punk duo from Sheffield and Leeds but their influences stem thousands of miles away from their native cities, saying that: “We never really discussed influences too much when we started” but added that “we were ripping off stuff like Black Keys and Queens of the stone age.”

2012 was a massive year for the band as they played Reading and Leeds, Bestival, The Great Escape and two of their own UK tours as well as acquiring critical acclaim from NME, the Guardian, Q magazine, BBC’s Huw Stephens and Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys.

So then it’s easy to understand that their highlight of last year was pretty much everything, pointing out that they were happy “just being able to play as much as we did and to as many people as we did…we just had a great time pretty much all the time we were on stage or in the studio.”

Talking of having fun in the studio the experience was probably made ten times better from working with such a respected producer as Ross Orton who has worked with bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Roots Manuva and Toddla T.

They describe Ross as “two things: a really good producer and a really good mate.” Discussing the process and the relationship they explained that “we bitch and moan about stuff. Watch videos of attractive women burping. Eat super spicy burritos and make what we think is good music. Ross kind of becomes our third member in the studio and it’s a really healthy, creative relationship.”

The result of their time spent in the studio is their upcoming EP: ‘Broken Teeth’ which is set to be released in February after which the band are touring the U.K but having obviously had some bad experiences in the past this will be their least extensive tour to date: “The more extensive the tours get in the UK the more likely you are to end up in some small town playing to no-one. Or having your driver go insane and then you’re so sick of playing to no-one and eating shitty food and having no money in the whole world and all that shit and wanting to die because you’re so under appreciated. So we thought we’d just stick to the bigger towns this time.”

I then asked how many times they get asked if they drive each other mad on tour because there’s only two of them. Response: “All the fucking time you asshole piece of shit interviewer bastard.”

So you can all fuck off and just guess what it’s like instead of getting me into trouble. Dicks.

Anyway, on top of their U.K tour the Wet Nuns are taking an arduous and highly dangerous three week boat trip to the U.S where they will be playing a showcase gig at SXSW, Austin, Texas. The festival which showcases musical talent as well as film, comedy and lectures by industry experts has been played by just about every famous band in the world.

Finally, during the weekend of March the band have booked out the Queen’s Social C in Sheffield for a bank holiday bonanza ominously named ‘Detestival.’

The festival will include the likes of Wolf People, Toy, Hookworms, Temples, John J Presley and Temple of Coke. It’s the result of an idea that surprisingly more bands don’t have; bypassing promoters and inviting all their mates to play a gig with them. Wet Nuns said that “we just saw an opportunity and made the most of it. I don’t know if every band in our position would take the opportunity to essentially put on an event where we’re, effectively, burying ourselves in our own competition.” Modestly adding that “I’m going to be not very modest and say that we’ve done quite a modest thing with Detestival.”

Roy Pemberton