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(Credit: Wesley Gonzalez)


Wesley Gonzalez shares details for new LP 'Wax Limousine'


British singer-songwriter Wesley Gonzalez has announced details for his third solo studio album Wax Limousine.

The themes set to be covered on Wax Limousine are sure to be heavy: since Gonzalez’s last LP, 2020’s Appalling Human, the musician had a close relative get diagnosed with cancer while a romantic relationship was falling apart. It looks as though Gonzalez will be channelling the raw emotions that followed into his new music.

“This was written right after the breakup and cancer diagnosis. It was that early stage of a breakup where you can’t really understand what went wrong for you or for your ex,” Gonzalez explained. “There was resentment for the extreme change I had suddenly found myself in, and I was asking what it really was I did wrong. The title Wax Limousine came from old phrases like ‘as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike’. I was trying to express how useless I felt within every situation that had just arrived at my doorstep.”

While it’s certainly not the ideal scenario to get back into songwriting, there’s usually no better way to deal with grief and confusion than by infusing it with art. It wasn’t all that long ago that Gonzalez had released his most recent song, a fantastic duet with Rose Elinor Dougall entitled ‘Greater Expectations’, and the more music from the former Let’s Wrestle frontman the better.

With the album announcement also comes the release of the LP’s title track. Languid and soulful, ‘Wax Limousine’ finds Gonzalez in full belting mode, with a Randy Newman-esque piano line filled with chromatic chords and just a touch of absurdity. When reaching the higher notes of the melody, Gonzalez lets his voice break a bit to add a grizzled edge that gives the song far more bite. Not to sound 80 years old, but since most of the new music I listen to on a daily basis has more reserved singing, it’s refreshing to hear someone go as big as Gonzalez does on ‘Wax Limousine’.

Check out the video for ‘Wax Limousine’ down below. Wax Limousine the album will be released on March 18, 2022.

Wax Limousine tracklisting:

1. ‘Greater Expectations’
2. ‘When I Fell For You’
3. ‘Protein & Perfume’
4. ‘In Confidence, I’m Scared’
5. ‘1,2,3,4,5 Just Get Rid Of It’
6. ‘Wax Limousine’
7. ‘A Taste Of Something New’
8. ‘Penelope Ditches Ulysses’
9. ‘It’s You’
10. ‘Drive You Home’
11. ‘Grateful’
12. ‘Waiting For Your Letter’