Wesley Gonzalez shares 'Not That Kind of Guy' video


Wesley Gonzalez has shared the brand new video for ‘Not That Kind of Guy’, the latest single from Excellent Musician, Gonzalez’s debut solo album out now on Moshi Moshi Records.

The video, directed by Danny Nellis and shot by Sekou Abineri is typically Gonzalez and next in the series of weird and wonderful shorts that has seen Wes traverse locations from Blackpool to Ibiza.

Next up, Gonzalez glides through Milton Keynes whilst getting to grips with this year’s essential gadgets the Fidget Spinner and the Hoverboard, but of course.


Released June 30th 2017, the full track listing for Excellent Musician is as follows:

  1. An Adult
  2. I Am A Telescope
  3. Just The Same
  4. Still Working On It
  5. Piece Of Mind
  6. I Spoke To Euan
  7. Exhibition Song
  8. Cake On Your Birthday
  9. Snake In The Grass
  10. In Amsterdam
  11. Don’t Try & Take Me Down
  12. Not That Kind Of Guy
  13. Quarantined River