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Credit: UHF/Alamy


Weird Al gets his own pinball machine


What a time to be alive if you’re a “Weird Al” Yankovic devotee. Sure, the world’s greatest parody artist hasn’t released any new material since 2014’s Mandatory Fun, barring a medley of Hamilton songs in 2018, but “Weird Al” is a hot commodity right now.

That’s mainly thanks to Daniel Radcliffe strapping on the accordion to portray Yankovic in an upcoming satirical full-length biopic. But if your love of “Weird Al” can’t wait for that film’s release, then behold the truest testament to nerdy cultural achievement: the “Weird Al” Pinball Machine.

“Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity”, as the machine is known, comes packaged with 17 of Yankovic’s greatest parodies, including ‘Like a Surgeon’, ‘Dare to Be Stupid’, and ‘I’ll Sue Ya’. The play8ing area is decorated with references to Yankovic’s albums like Running With Scissors and Alapalooza, plus some scattered nods to his beloved cult film UHF.

The game also comes with over 2,000 lines of dialogue recorded by Yankovic specifically for the machine. There are two versions you can buy: the standard edition and the limited edition kit, the latter of which have only 227 units produced by manufacturer Multimorphic.

Yankovic isn’t the latest infamously nerdy artist to gift his fans with a new game room gadget. Prog rock legends Rush also recently announced their very own pinball machine, utilising a number of features that will also be used in Yankovic’s game like full-length songs and original-recorded dialogue. 

Evidently, the pinball market is hot right now. Sadly Yankovic doesn’t appear to have a pinball parody in his arsenal, but he does have ‘Pac-Man’, an arcade-ready send-up of The Beatles’ ‘Taxman’. Perhaps Yankovic can use his influence to get a custom version of that game in his own name as well. Sooner or later, Yankovic is bound to be the King of the Arcade.