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(Credit: Weezer)


Weezer release seasonal new single 'A Little Bit of Love'

Weezer - 'A Little Bit of Love'

Alt-rock titans Weezer have returned with the release of their new single, ‘A Little Bit of Love’. Don’t be fooled though, this is not classic Weezer in the style of ‘Undone’ or ‘The Good Life’. This is a more mature, pop-leaning Weezer that we’ve heard predominantly over the past few years.

However, this doesn’t matter, as looking purely at the songwriting, the quartet has delivered yet another earworm, one that’s brimming with the message of love and unity, a departure from their often ridiculous lyrics.

It starts off with a little toot on the harmonica before frontman Rivers Cuomo chimes in with one of his catchiest vocal melodies in a long time. The lyric “a little bit of love goes a pretty long way”, is powerful given the past two years and the humanitarian disaster currently unfolding in Ukraine. It’s the message we need to hear, even if it is rather cheesy.

If ‘A Little Bit of Love’ isn’t enough to excite you, the project it comes from might. The band have announced one of their most exciting projects in their 30-year history, SZNZ, a four EP cycle, with one for each of the seasons. Rumours of the project have abounded on the internet for a while, and now it has been formally announced, all Weezer fans can rejoice that the power-pop masters are treating us to at least four rounds of new music in the next year. 

Each EP will be comprised of its own colours and emotions, fitting in with the relevant season. To add to the authenticity of the work, each body of work is being written and recorded in real-time during each season. Duly, the band have only just finished SZNZ: Spring, and are yet to start working on SZNZ: Summer, SZNZ: Autumn, and SZNZ: Winter

Produced by Jake Sinclair, Ethan Gruska and Suzy Shinn, SZNZ: Spring is scheduled for release on March 20th. Added to the excitement for ‘A Little Bit of Love’ and the new EP, Weezer will be debuting the new single on March 21st as part of their seasonal residency on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Additionally, Cuomo and Co. are to be the first band to ever have a residency on the iconic TV show. 

It’s set to be a busy year for Weezer. Even if you think ‘A Little Bit of Love’ is too sugary, and you’re pining for the days of ‘Surf Wax America’ and ‘El Scorcho’, don’t worry. This is still Weezer, and you never know what surprise is around the corner. Nevertheless, if you’re feeling a little blue and need perking up, I think ‘A Little Bit of Love’ might be the perfect ointment for your midweek woes.

Listen to ‘A Little Bit of Love’ below.