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Watch The Lemon Twigs perform 'Small Victories' on Later with Jools Holland


If you’ve managed to miss the time machine that is The Lemon Twigs then you’re probably going to be a little confused about this video. The brothers, with the same swagger and starry-eyed gaze as glam rock Gods, took to the Jools Holland stage to give the (ever-walking-backwards) Jools a taste of the future… via the past.

The Lemon Twigs recent album Go To School, which lands as a 16 track concept album, has a plethora of gems for the band to play. Offering the listener a trip back to the seventies not only with style but with the concept as the boys essentially create an entire musical.

From that brilliant album (if you haven’t listened yet, then give yourself a road trip and take this LP on the road – you won’t regret it) the band decided to play their single ‘Small Victories’ on the late night music show. Their performance is only second to their attire, which is delightfully retro and sees the band crank out a banger all with the dewy-eyed stare of a time gone by.

Take a look at the video and enjoy the time warp… AGAIN!