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The Lemon Twigs share 'Small Victories' ahead of new album

We are huge fans of the brothers D’Addario, aka The Lemon Twigs, and with the news of their new album Go To School alongside a new track ‘If You Give Enough’ we got understandably excited. Now the boys have given us a brand new track ‘Small Victories’ and it is glorious.

Track of the Day sometimes takes a while to come around but we were happy to wait around for this beautiful little ditty. A warm and comfy sound the boys have a way of making the retro feel fresh and ‘Small Victories’ is another great example of that

When asked, the boys explained what ‘Small Victories’ was all about, “When life’s obstacles start to wear you down, it’s the little things that keep you going. Bowling the perfect game, catching a glass before it falls to the ground, making the train in the nick of time. While there are no guarantees, we can always count on Small Victories.”

The album is going to be a seminal moment for the band as not only is it their sophomore album, but it’s a concept album. Detailing a coming-of-age-story, Go To School will be a 15 part musical.

Yes. We said that. Yes. They made that. Yes. We want that.