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(Credit: Umma)


Watch Sandra Oh in the new trailer for the horror 'Umma'


Having taken a sharp turn in recent years, horror is thriving, with 2022 looking like another strong year for the ever-strengthening genre. 

Along with the mainstream releases of The Black Phone, Nope and Dark Harvest from Scott Derrickson, Jordan Peele and David Slade respectively, the independent scene is also seeing a number of significant entries, from Master by Mariama Diallo to Resurrection by Andrew Semans. 

The latest horror film on the 2022 slate to receive a trailer is Iris K. Shim’s Umma, a Korean-American flick all about maternal grief, resentment and love featuring the Killing Eve star Sandra Oh. 

Written and directed by debut feature filmmaker Iris K. Shim, the horror will be produced by the genre juggernaut Sam Raimi who has created several iconic films from The Evil Dead to Drag Me to Hell.

The brand new trailer for Shim’s debut film is compelling stuff too, showing Oh as Amanda, a mother with a strong relationship with her daughter, played by Fivel Stewart, living out their own American dream on a secluded farm. This peaceful life is thrown into disarray however when the ashes of Oh’s estranged mother arrive on her doorstep from Korea, arising fragile memories and dangerous entities. 

Certainly a lot stronger than some other horror trailers we’ve been ‘gifted’ recently, Oh carries real dramatic weight after her roles in Killing Eve, Grey’s Anatomy and The Chair, with horror fans hoping she can recreate such performances for Umma.

Arriving in cinemas in the US on March 18th, and coming to UK screens one week later on March 25th, we don’t have long to wait until we can enjoy the terror and anguish of this surprisingly effective looking genre flick.