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(Credit: Paul Hudson)


Watch Peter Hook's 3-hour tribute to Joy Division's Ian Curtis


Yesterday saw the 40th anniversary of one of the saddest losses in music, the tragic suicide of Ian Curtis. The Joy Division singer has since become an icon for the outsider and his message is still as clear today as it was in 1980.

Rather than focus on the tragedy of the loss of Curtis, former bandmate Peter Hook decided to instead pay tribute to the star by airing a performance all of Joy Division’s songs via livestream. The three-hour set saw Hooky and his band even perform in Curtis’ old church.

Recorded in 2015, Peter Hook has streamed So This Is Permanent a performance he conducted with his band in honour of late Joy Division singer, Ian Curtis. With yesterday marking the 40th anniversary of his suicide Hook shared the performance for the first time.

The performance is perhaps given extra weight thanks to its setting, “It was the church that Ian used to go to as a kid, he was in the choir,” Peter told NME. “We got involved and did a charity gig to save it, which we did – it’s still there. We played every Joy Division song ever written and recorded in one go. It took over four hours and I was immensely proud of it.”

“Due to lockdown we can’t play right now, but we can share this celebration. It was oversubscribed by 10,000, but there were only 400 people there because the church was in quite a derelict state. Everyone who was there knew what they were there for. The atmosphere was great. Howard Marks came along and introduced us, God rest his soul.”

He added: “It was tough, it was completely stupid and ridiculous, but in the end we did it and it felt absolutely wonderful to play the whole library of my absolutely favourite band.”

You can watch the full set below but we suggest you’re quick as the group will soon be removing the video from YouTube.