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Watch Parquet Courts perform 'Walking at a Downtown Pace' live on 'Kimmel'

New York indie rockers Parquet Courts dazzled fans with their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week. This episode was also notable for the absence of the host himself, who was forced to take medical leave after contracting Covid-19. Replacing him was comedian Mike Birbiglia, who excelled after the last-minute switch.

Performing ‘Walking at a Downtown Pace’, which is taken from their latest LP, Sympathy for Life, their rendition of the song was amped up, and frontman Andrew Savage shone, with the husky power of his voice permeating the studio. In addition to this, Sean Yeaton‘s funk-infused bassline was placed front and centre of the mix, carrying the track along to its hectic climax. 

Arguably, the version of ‘Walking at a Downtown Pace’ that Parquet Courts delivered on Kimmel supersedes the album cut. During the performance, the band confirmed why, for the past decade, they’ve been lauded as one of the premium rock acts out there. It was energetic, powerful and delivered with the edge that you only get from writing your music immersed in the hustle and bustle of New York City. 

For many people, Sympathy for Life was a return to form for the quartet, and when it was released back in October 2021, our new music maestro, Tyler Golsen, had a lot to say about it. We awarded the album our ‘Album of the Week’ title, rating it 8.3. Golsen concluded: “This is where the artier side of Parquet Courts fully takes over. If you’re only interested in the aggressive thump of the band’s past, thanks for coming along for the ride because there’s the door. The punk rock was always in the band’s attitude and approach, not the band’s sound. If nothing else, Sympathy for Life proves that Parquet Courts are still the most punk rock-thinking band of the modern-day. And what’s more punk rock than going against everything you’ve built up to by this point? Expectations are for suckers: time to drop acid, lift some weights, and head to the party.”

Watch Parquet Courts perform ‘Walking at a Downtown Pace’ on Kimmel below.

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