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Watch Panda Bear's new video for 'Boys Latin'

Renowned electronic experimenter and Animal Collective member Panda Bear has unveiled the video for his new single ‘Boys Latin’, which was released on Domino earlier this week (December 15th).

The track is a typically woozy and somewhat disorientating trip through sampling and layered beats from Noah Lennox, keeping toes tapping and minds wandering right from its intro, which eases itself in with the crashing waves of a fictional coastline.

The video is a piece inspired by Japanese anime, featuring a lead character on an ongoing voyage of self-discovery that ultimately ends in happiness and contentedness.

Director Isaiah Saxon explained it this way: “We tried hard to bring out the vibe of that alternating melody that Noah is singing. We wondered what that should look and feel like from a synesthesia perspective. We’ve always believed that shapes and forms themselves have emotional meaning.”

See the video for ‘Boys Latin’ here and if you like the track, Panda Bear’s new album Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper is out on Domino January 12th.

Patrick Davies