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Watch new trailer for 'C'mon C'mon' starring Joaquin Phoenix

After the unprecedented success of Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is back with a brand new drama titled C’mon C’mon. Filmed in black and white, C’mon C’mon stars Phoenix as an artist who embarks on a cross country journey with his young nephew (Woody Norman). Over the course of their time together, they form an unusually moving bond.

While talking about the production process, director Mike Mills said: “I have a kid and so I happily needed to be there for Zoom school. I would go into edit at 12.30. It’s a very unusual life for me, and there was no rush. Like, when is the movie going to get released, anyway? With all my movies, I finish writing the script, then I meet the actors, then we start talking about it, then I rewrite.”

Adding, “You get smarter and better and new insights. Then you start shooting and you keep shifting and changing it. We would change scenes constantly. Then when I get to the edit, I don’t stop changing it. I do play around, I do try things that are different than the script, I do reshoot something. I’ve always done that. I don’t want to be like, cool, now I know what I’m doing and I’m just going to execute that.” 

After its recent premiere at the Telluride Film Festival, Phoenix received critical acclaim for his intense performance in this slice-of-life work. Produced by A24, C’mon C’mon promises to be a powerful and emotional experience for audiences.

Mills also showered Phoenix with praise: “Joaquin has a third-level warlock business going on all the time. You never quite know where you are with him, it’s always extremely funny, he’s big-hearted but tries to pretend like he’s not, maybe. He didn’t know if he really wanted to do it, and very smartly, he saw there was an opportunity to do something very different than what people think. Doing naturalistic acting drives him nuts a little but; he finds it specious at times.”

Watch the trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s new film C’mon C’mon below.