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Watch Morrissey perform The Smiths classic ‘Girl Afraid’ at recent gig


After the shock of Morrissey turning up to a gig had waned on the Montreal audience, Moz’s latest stop on his US and Canadian tour, they were treated to something really special. A rare outing of The Smiths classic track ‘Girl Afraid.

The song is a huge favourite with the former Smiths singer’s fans, representing to many as some of Morrissey’s best songwriting. Though he’d probably not agree.

Having previously given a run out to Morrissey hit ‘The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get’ the audience must’ve thought their ticket had come in when the enigmatic singer signalled his band to play those few sumptuous notes of ‘Girl Afraid’. He did, as is his way, change up the arrangement of the song but it still rang true for fans.

Watch Morrissey perform The Smiths classic ‘Girl Afraid’ below.