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(Credit: Mac DeMarco)

Watch Mac DeMarco perform his new album live on KEXP

Mac DeMarco has stopped by KEXP to perform a string of tracks from his most recent album Here Comes The Cowboy.

The public radio station in Seattle, Washington, has built up a huge audience over the years after specialising in alternative and indie rock music.

To coincide with the release of DeMarco’s new record, the station put on a Gathering Space as the indie singer arrived to perform some new material.

“I just use ‘cowboy’ as slang with friends,” DeMarco previously said of the record. “Like when you say: ‘Hey cowboy!’, but where I grew up cowboys were a thing. There was the [Calgary] Stampede, and people did cowboy activities, and there were themed-bars. For the most part, those zones were geared towards people that I didn’t really want to interface with. Jocks who wanted to call me a profanity and kick my ass. So for a long time it had a very negative connotation for me.”

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Below, enjoy some clips from DeMarco’s latest album:

Bonus Clips

Below, enjoy a couple of clips taken from DeMarco’s typically entertaining soundcheck prior to the show: