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Credit: Peaky Blinders / BBC


Watch Cillian Murphy star in The Smile’s ‘Pana-vision’ video

As any BBC Radio6 Music fan will tell you, Cillian Murphy is a man with impeccable music taste. Thus, it is no surprise that The Smile recruited the acting hero to front the video for their new single. 

The track ‘Pana-vision’ actually first aired during the final season of Peaky Blinders. Thus, ol’ blue eyes Murphy slips back into character to recall some of the most thrilling moments that the final season unfurled. 

The video was directed by Anthony Byrne who has directed and produced the bulk of Peaky Blinders. With that in mind, he seamlessly captures the feel of the show as Tommy Shelby mopes about in his typical drunken and maudlin fashion.

Taken from The Smile’s May outing, A Light for Attracting Attention, it is a track that fits into the lore of Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood’s singular style. 

Following that release, however, the band have debuted a few brand new tracks at live shows, including ‘Friend of a Friend’ and ‘Bending Hectic’, which obviously implies that a new album may well be on the way from them once their tour is wrapped up.

You can check out the new music video for ‘Pana-vision’ below. 

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