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Watch Arcade Fire cover Lorde single 'Green Light'


Arcade Fire decided to take on Lorde’s single ‘Green Light’ when they visited BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge earlier today.

Alongside the cover, the Canadian band played a live performance of their lead single ‘Everything Now’ from their latest album, with backing of a youth choir.

The band, in high spirits after a string of intimate UK shows which included a heartwarming performance in Manchester, Radio 1 host Clara Amfo attempted to discover what inspired the new ‘disco’ sound on Everything Now… but the band were giving nothing away: “Sadly the answer is so mysterious,” Will Butler said. “I don’t know where it comes from –the muse of disco! I think we’ve always listened to disco, to Abba, to Donna Summer.”

“We’re definitely music historians and so we’re very conscious of a lot of threads running through things,” he continued. “I think we’ve always had that dancey element, from back in the day to the present. I guess we’ve gotten a little better at playing less, a little sparer, so I guess maybe it breathes a bit more now than it did 15 years ago?”

Tasked with the challenge of taking on a cover as part of tradition on the show, Arcade Fire took on Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ and explained their process of trying to ‘make it real’. “It’s just picking something good and then trying to make it real, which is generally a joyful process,” Butler added. “It’s much less agonising than writing a song. It’s intense work, creating things, it’s hard. And then you always have the deep soul memories of how agonising it was when you play. You don’t have that when you’re playing a cover – which is nice – you just have the pure song.”

You can listen to the full session on the BBC here and skip to the 2:04 mark.