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Watch Amyl and the Sniffers make US TV debut


Amyl and the Sniffers have been one of rock music’s best-kept secrets for a little while now. Having released the fantastic Comfort to Me back in 2021, the Australian punk group have been slowly ramping up their appearance, including some of their first shows and promotional stops in America.

Last night, the group made their American network television debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where the host gushed about how much he loved the band. Amyl and the Sniffers proceeded to play a souped-up version of the track ‘Hertz’.

Bathed in red lights, singer Amy Taylor immediately starts hopping around to get the energy up. Prowling around the stage in an all-purple leather ensemble, Taylor delivers her sprechgesang vocals with palpable venom and intensity. Amyl and the Sniffers don’t do “slow songs”, “ballads”, or “low-key breathers”. They specialise in brute force, which is exactly what they brought to their first American TV appearance.

Late-night live performances can often be stiff and mechanical, whether it’s due to the nervousness of musicians being on TV or the sterile atmosphere of the television studio. Amyl and the Sniffers completely up-end that trend by bringing the heat for three solid minutes.

If nothing else, the performance works as a wonderful advertisement for the group’s American tour, which is currently in progress. If you’re the kind of concert goer who doesn’t mind a few bumps and bruises from being in the middle of the moshpit, then you should probably get your Amyl and the Sniffers ticket right now.

Check out the band’s performance of ‘Hertz’ on Late Night with Seth Meyers down below.