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(Credit: Alexandra Hollon / Press)


Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa announces debut album from new band Belief

Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa and producer Boom Bip, who launched their exciting side project Belief earlier this year, have now announced the band’s debut album. 

Mozgawa, the drummer of Warpaint, linked up with Bip, the Los Angeles producer for Belief, years ago, and the album has been in the pipeline since 2016. They finally emerged with their first single, ‘I Want To Be’, in January. 

Of the song, the pair explained: “We chose ‘I Want To Be’ as the first single because of its anthemic synth hook. It felt like an opening. The simple message ‘I want to be’ grabbed us right away because it can be applied to nearly anyone’s plight or situation to push forward.”

The brilliant single was then followed by a handful of other tracks, including ‘Ulu’, ‘Jung’ and ‘Art Of Love’, which arrived on Wednesday.  

“‘Art of Love’ is a stripped-down piece that was intended to be an interlude,” Boom Bip clarified in a statement. “But then it started getting stuck in everyone’s head, so we extended it and bob’s your uncle. Its innocence reminds me of children or a soft moment with a partner. It’s pure and simple mood. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Belief’s self-titled debut album is set for release on July 15th via Lex Records. You can pre-order the album here, and check out the full tracklisting below. 

Belief tracklist:

  • ‘I Want To Be’
  • ‘Anx’
  • ‘Bayo’
  • ‘Luther’
  • ‘Dreams’
  • ‘Nebo’
  • ‘WOT’
  • ‘Ulu’
  • ‘Jung’
  • ‘Art Of Love’
  • ‘Charch’

Warpaint returned with their long-awaited fourth album Radiate Like This earlier in May, making it their first in six years. 

Reviewing the record, Far Out‘s Tom Taylor concluded: “Naturally, with Warpaint being Warpaint, this trip to the sunnier side of town is not without the threat of an evening rainstorm on the horizon – we’re not talking about The Beach Boys here – but they do share a similar ear for layering sounds. It just so happens that sonically on this occasion they break through the density of cloud cover and offer up a sparse, azure effort that might be more wispy but it’s a welcome break all the same.” 

Listen to ‘Art of Love’ below.

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