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Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa discusses Taylor Hawkins shout-out


Although iconic Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins passed away at the end of March, his legacy is consistently kept aflame by those who appreciate his musical talents, and who he was as a person.

Stella Mozgawa of the indie rock band Warpaint has recently spoken of her experience with the music legend, and how it impacted her on a personal level to hear him shout her out onstage.

She tells the story of her experience, “When I was 19 years old, I was still in university in Australia. I was playing in a band that I’d played in since I was a young teenager. And this band got an insane opportunity to open for the Foo Fighters at a secret show they were playing in Sydney, at a place called the Metro Theatre. We were obviously very excited, the Foo Fighters were probably the most famous musicians that we’d ever met.”

She continued, “So, we played the show, and towards the end I looked to the right of the stage, and I saw two pearly white sets of teeth, almost disembodied, moving and headbanging. And I just immediately knew it was Dave Grohl and Taylor, watching us play. In the middle of the Foos’ set that night, Taylor is full swing into a drum solo, and after about 20 seconds he slows down and stops. He gets up and walks over to the mic.”

Upon walking up to the mic, she recalls what he said, “Did anybody see that chick playing in the band before me? I didn’t even want to get up and play tonight. Everyone give her a round of applause, the rest of the set is dedicated to her.” Not only did he shout out her talents, but he dedicated an entire set to her. Honestly, it sounds like a dream come true for any young musician.

Mozgawa continued, “I still can’t explain how much that meant to me in that moment. It was such a huge injection of confidence — to get that kind of endorsement from Taylor Hawkins, this titan of the drumming world, was invaluable and unexplainable.”

It’s clear that even if he isn’t still with us, Taylor Hawkins’ legacy lives on in so many ways, including the people he inspired. 

Warpaint’s new album is set to release on May 6th via Heirlooms/Virgin. This will be their fourth studio album, for which they’ve released three singles thus far.