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(Credit: Jenny Lee)


Warpaint’s Jenny Lee shares cover of Daniel Johnston song ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’


Jenny Lee Lindberg of Warpaint has revealed a wonderful reworked rendition of Daniel Johnston song ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’.

The track, which was originally released as part of a Record Store Day 7″ alongside a Fugazi cover of ‘I’m So Tired’, has now been released to all major streaming platforms. The track remains one of Johnston’s most loved efforts, the opening words of “your picture is still on my wall, on my wall. The colors are bright, Bright, as ever,” are forever etched into the annals of his superb creative legacy.

The cover arrived shortly after outsider pop artist Johnston passed away, a death which rocked the world of alternative music. Making his name in the early 1980s with a run of bootlegged home recordings, Johnston’s acclaim had continued to grow prior to his death last year. He is largely regarded as one of the most influential underground artists of all time.

The singer died of a heart attack, aged just 58, and left behind a legacy of authentic and honest work that will forever shine on in his name and provide inspiration for other equally gifted outsiders. The singer battled mental and physical health issues throughout his life, struggling in particular with his bipolar disorder.

“Years ago I was asked to participate on a tribute album for Daniel Johnston,” jennylee said in a statement about her cover. “I’ve always loved his music and overall innocence he conveyed through his music and art. The tribute never happened, and I decided to carry on, see what I could come up with one rainy day in Pasadena.

“I had previously written a piano piece and started singing the lyrics to ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’ over it. It was fun to try and capture my own innocence with this song and make it relatable to life experiences I have had… Love, loss, being in the moment… and accepting what is..”

Stream the track, below.

Jenny Lee’s Fugazi cover, which originally featured on the Fugazi album Instrument Soundtrack, arrived as a surprise addition given the severe difference in a style that the band had pioneered up until that point. The song, a piano ballad, was played and sung by Ian MacKaye.

“I love, admire and respect Fugazi with my whole heart… always have,” Jenny Lee said in a statement. “The sentiment of ‘I’m so tired’ is deeply moving and extremely relatable. It was such a pleasure and a pleasant surprise I was able to pull this off.

“I hope I did it justice, it sure was FUN (and that’s the point of it all). Big love and kudos to Fugazi forever.”

Stream Jennylee’s version—and the original—below.