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Warpaint accused of plagiarising Nothing's album video


Warpaint’s sophomore record Warpaint was released back in 2014, a tour followed, then radio silence.

Last week they announced a world tour, this week they’ve dropped the biggest teaser of their new impending second full length in a 30 second clip that shows the words ‘HEADS UP’.

In the time that Warpaint have been away, their members have been busy releasing their own music take, for example, Jenny Lee Lindberg who share solo album called right on!. 

Now though fans are getting excited about their latest clip:

Nothing, who themselves released their sophomore record Tired of Tomorrow earlier this year, shared this clip to much acclaim and the band were quick to point it out, adding the caption ‘HEADS UP Warpaint’:

I’d like to think Warpaint’s video was a nod of the head to Nothing rather than a rip-off, a tip of the cap if you will, a high five, a fist bump, a nod of the head.

Nothing fans, however, like the band, don’t see things that way.