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Warmduscher make a splash on 'Whale City'

'Whale City' - Warmduscher

27 minutes. That’s how long an album capable of enlightening your brain and darkening every corner of the room at the same time takes to achieve its goal. Warmduscher have released their brilliant album Whale City and it’s here to put a finger in your cerebral cortex and swirl it around with an ugly grin.

With the first industrial reverberations of Warmduscher’s, a band of many facets and many famous faces within its ranks, new album you are quite clear on what is about to happen. As the bass swells and shrinks the spoken word poetry of ‘Bright Lights’ starts to beam through. An intro to the album simply, but on a deeper level the lines spoken are true of the band’s MO: dark, twisted smiles and pursed lips spewing the kind of sentiment to make Bukowski recoil with joy.

As ‘Standing On The Corner’, ‘Big Wilma’ and ‘1000 Whispers’ (Clams’ favourite track and also his suggested track for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) blasts through the speakers and the rapid fire witticism of Clams Baker hits you, you realise that this is not a rock and roll band.

No, Warmduscher are a pop band from Hell. The tracks roll by, constructed effectively, developed efficiently and delivered with the sadistic expression of Lucifer’s lounge band, each one further cementing their place at the pits of society but the height of their powers.

The show their artistic intent on ‘No Way Out’, another 1 minute spoken word piece, but shimmy their swagger with aplomb on ‘I Got Friends’. They give their archetypal South London surf a rune out on title track ‘Whale City’ which acts as the perfect backdrop to Baker’s lyrics.

As the sundown sound of ‘Summertime Tears’ slows the pace and ends the album you are left thinking why Warmduscher aren’t on Top of the Pops? But a Top of the Pops edition where Jimmy Saville has been dug up and propped up, to present with a centipede for a tongue… we digress, Whale City is a banger.

Listen to it immediately via the stream below but also don’t be a dweeb and buy some physical records!