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Warmduscher: Share their new video and a few words


Warmduscher are one of the bands of the moment. Quietly bubbling away in their dungeons they are creating something in their new album Whale City which is sure to set a few tails wagging and eyebrows set on a trajectory for the sun.

A clear indication of this is the brilliant new video. Directed by Niall Trask, the video is a gentle view in to the minds eye of Warmduscher and their eye-catching lead singer Clams Baker.

A physical manifestation of the music it rattles across your eyes like a child with a tambourine. Take a look at the new video below.

But first, we caught up with Clams Baker, the enigmatic mouthpiece of Warmduscher, the band stuffed to the brim with South London alumni, and chatted about the Royal Wedding, the album and festivals. With new album Whale City out imminently it felt the best time to tie them down for a few words.

We’ve been waiting for the album for what seems an eternity and with drips of social media providing a few clues to what’s in store we asked Clams if it he just wants it out in the world now. “I don’t mind really, I kind of like just jaw flapping about it constantly and think it would be funny if it just never came out. Or we did the KLF thing and burned £10 and the rights to it in my backyard. I think I’ll be sad once it’s out actually, I love it so much I want to keep it from this beautifully cruel world.”

It’s a struggle we imagine bands must struggle through, the willingness to share must always be shaded with doubt. But with that in mind Calms favourite song already sounds like a classic. “‘1000 Whispers’ or ‘Summertime Tears'”

Warmduscher are a band born out of eclecticism and with so many influences it must be hard to keep it in one album. “Stuff like that was never consciously thought about on my behalf at least. The process of recording it left a lot up in the air and we only had a rough idea of what we were going to record when we went in. Mr. Dan Carey and Mr. Alexis Smith did all the containment and what a fine job they did.”

With so much tribulation happening across the globe it must be difficult to not let it affect your writing something Clams confirmed. “150% In my case, if you aren’t writing about life around you I don’t think you’re living. Then again…”. With that said which law would Clams impose across Britain? “No Elton John Allowed”. Done.

Another new event we thought my interest Clams was the illustrious Royal Wedding, what song would he play for them, we asked with our tongue pressed firmly in to our cheek. “That Italian Chicken song they always play at weddings. A Warmduscher song, probably ‘1000 Whispers’ as it’s about death and love so I’m sure they’d all relate.”

It will be a festival of sorts and with so many billed for this summer we thought it might be a bit played out until Clams gave us a more altruistic approach. “Nothing changes, enjoy it while you enjoy it and allow everyone else the same. Fuck em all! Woo”.

The band have some great shows lined up across festivals and a larger tour in June to support the record Whale City, the constant battle between the preference for writing and playing is always raging, Clams gave some insight.”I definitely prefer writing it, it’s my favorite part unless we are playing and improvising, that’s killing two birds with one stone, so I’ll drink to that.”

There’s one thing that is clear, not only form this brilliant new video, but from the band’s inception, their rhetoric and their brilliant singer, this album will be one to remember. A flashpoint of culture in an otherwise cultureless land.

Simply put.

Could you describe the album in four words?

Clams: “Believe it. Receive It!”

Sunday 20 April
Motel Mozïque festival,THE NETHERLANDS

Friday 18 May
The Great Escape, Brighton, UK

Saturday 26 May
London Calling Festival, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Thursday 31 May
Bad Bonn Kilibi, Düdingen, SWITZERLAND

Friday 1 June
This Is Not A Love Song, Nîmes, FRANCE

Sunday 3 June
Hug & Pint, Glasgow, UK

Monday 4 June
Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, UK

Tuesday 5 June
Gullivers, Manchester, UK

Wednesday 6 June
Picture House Social, Sheffield, UK

Thursday 7 June
The Exchange, Bristol, UK

Friday 8 June
Moth Club, London, UK

Saturday 9 June
Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK

Sunday 17 June
Maifeld Derby, Mannheim, GERMANY

Saturday 23 June
Minuit Avant La Nuit, Amiens, FRANCE

Friday 29 June
Down The Rabbit Hole, Beuningen, NETHERLANDS

Sunday 22 July
Bluedot Festival, Cheshire, UK

Friday 31 August
End Of The Road Festival, Dorset, UK