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Warmduscher announce their latest album 'Tainted Lunch'


The underbelly overlords of smut and fuzz, AKA Warmduscher, have blessed this hellishly hot day with the news of a new album on the way in 2019. The LP, brilliantly named Tainted Lunch, will be out on 1st November on The Leaf Label.

Following the huge critical success of their latest album Whale City, Warmduscher have expanded and are ready to envelop your every orifice. Clams Baker, Lightnin’ Jack Everett, Mr Salt Fingers Lovecraft and The Witherer have been joined by Quicksand on cutting board and cheese wire and commis chef Cheeks on vibes. It has got us salivating already.

The album comes alongside a brand new track to sink your filthy teeth into as well. The song ‘Midnight Dipper’ is a shining reminder of the band’s power and the frightening potential arrows they possess in their quiver.

Interview: Warmduscher’s Clams Baker

Band biographer and revered botanist Dr Alan Goldfarb describes the album as “a sample hole through which to taste another universe. A dramatic warning. A gilded aroma. It is a tale of wanton desire and limitless treachery. A tale of disillusionment – the refusal of exploitation.”

Tainted Lunch was recorded in just four days, with soupe du jour Dan Carey (Kate Tempest, black midi, Fontaines DC). Warmduscher continues to live on their razor-sharp wits. Or as Clams Baker puts it “there’s no way to stop now”.

Listen to ‘Midnight Dipper’ below and get ready to undo your belt for the heavy meal Tainted Lunch.