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Want to help produce a comeback doc about the Sonics?

You’ve probably heard all about Pledge Music, the service that asks fans to to donate whatever they can to help fund the latest album by their favourite cash-strapped artist.

But now the idea has gone one step further with the news that the team behind BOOM! – A Film About The Sonics are asking punters to stump up the money to complete shooting.

The documentary started out as as a father and sun delving into the career of one of the 60s’ forgotten gems – attempting to overturn every stone of how the band started and why they were occasionally considered too much to stomach at a time when rock ‘n’ roll was king.

But there was a huge twist in the tale last year when the son and co-director Jordan Albertsen and his partner Brian Scott Robinson discovered the band that had spent decades quietly influencing other bands, but doing very little in terms of their own exposure, were back with vengeance.

Today, we find ourselves in the tantalising situation where The Sonics are just about to touch down for some hugely anticipated dates in the UK.

However, Jordan and Brian are just 25 per cent of the way through the filming process and – with the full backing of the band themselves – are looking for YOUR help.

To find out more about BOOM! and how you can contribute, head here.