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(Credit: Nikoli Partiyeli)


Wallows share new single 'Quarterback'

Wallows - 'Quarterback'

Wallows have shared their effervescent new single, ‘Quarterback’—the track features on their forthcoming deluxe edition of their EP, Remote, which arrives on Friday. The American indie darlings continue to whet their fans appetite before they release their next full-length project.

‘Quarterback’ is one of the three new tracks that appear on the deluxe edition, which they only shared news about a matter of days ago. As the EP’s title alludes to, the trio recorded it without any traditional face-to-face interaction, and the release captures this strange period that we still haven’t escaped from yet.

‘Quarterback’ has a melancholy feel to it and there’s a sombre acceptance to it as drummer Cole Preston battles lockdown loneliness on the chorus. He sings, “‘Cause summer’s gone, I’m alone wishin’, for your call, startin’ to freak, I’m not sure if he’s comin’ over for the night, Quarterback’s fine.”

Speaking to Zane Lowe, the band’s Dylan Minnette commented on why they wanted to share the track: “Cole started this idea a long time ago, probably years ago. Honestly, we’ve always really liked it, but then last year when we were doing Remote, which I think we talked to you about before, that got brought back into question, and we were sort of trying to self-produce that one, where the other ones we were working on them with other people.

“We decided, ‘Ah, it doesn’t fit enough with the rest of the songs.’ So by the time, Remote came out, we were just like, ‘Well, I feel like these other songs we started, including ‘Quarterback’, aren’t necessarily going to work on the next thing we’re making, the next album. Also, what’s the point of holding things over?’ We used to be like: we’ll just wait to put it out. It’s like, Nah, you got it now, and it’s good, just get out of the way and put it out.”

Drummer Cole Preston has never taken to the mic before, and he’s absolutely rose to the occasion as Wallows let him enjoy his Ringo moment as he shows off his seemingly strong relationship with melody. Although this is Preston’s first opportunity to sing on a Wallows track, one suspects that ‘Quarterback’ won’t be the final time he takes the lead.