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Wall share video for ‘Cuban Cigars’


When we brought you the New York post-punk outfit Wall as our Track of the Day with the hard hitting ‘Cuban Cigars’ we knew they possessed a deeply entrenched code of conduct. The theme of the song guided us slightly, sure. But the vitriolic nature of the delivery further assured us.

Now we have the video to compound this. Taken from their recent EP the band smash through heavy sounds to bring an army to the entrance of The City and scare the shit out of bankers. The video is set in a sleazy club with sleazier men swallowing dulled whiskey with plumes of cigar smoke.

Singer Sam York does her best to steal the show and confronts suits with an angry smile and a knowing need for their destruction. It’s comforting. Perfectly sardonic and neatly post-modern the band are showing signs of a real fight about to begin. I know what side I want to be on.