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Wall - Cuban Cigars


Jesus mother Holy fucking Christ, Wall are here and not to be fucked with. Coming out of Brooklyn swinger harder than an American spoof of London in the 60’s the band are full of a pent up aggression that is enthralling and entertaining in equal measures. All summed up in ‘Cuban Cigars’- it has to be our Track of the Day.

Taking the vocals from Poly Styrene and adding a lead heavy band of post punk twisting brings back a sense of knowing dread unseen for a while now. Swaggering in to the building, spitting on every surface, lighting a cigarette and leaving with the number of every office tart they lay their eyes on – Wall have just made our head explode with their assurance.

A confidence which is not left in the doldrums of ego inflation but is attacking the ruling class with aplomb, and a sharp knife we imagine. B-movie nonchalance and a beat that is instantly infectious means we can get enough of Wall right now.

So Wall, stop being so bloody tight and release another track already!