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Virgin Kids batter us with ‘Bruised Knees’


Think of a good punk band right now. A recent one. Likely they’re on the Fluffer Records roster and if they’re not, they’re wishing they were. Virgin Kids are on that roster and this new track ‘Bruised Knees’ proves their status as one of the better bands in the country right now.

All that you need to know about the trio Virgin Kids is condensed in to his thunderous and riotous track. Pounding and unrelenting it slams through chords like a drunkard through doors, painfully, making as much noise as is humanly possible with the calmest of smiles and a glazed eye.

Taken from the upcoming LP Greasewheel the band display not only their surf-rock touches but the speedball nature with which they approach everything.

All guns blazing – Virgin Kids are gunna cause some damage.