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Virgin Kids hit us with ‘Crack in a Colour’

The capital based band Virgin Kids are from the new wave of garage bands flocking around the UK. Each with their own ideal on how to create DIY soaked. Virgin Kids have a slightly more razor cut approach. ‘Crack in a Colour’ is testament to that and it[‘s our Track of the Day.

Born from the same cloth as The Black Lips, Thee MVPs, Hinds and the rest means that the band portray a sense of reckless abandon which lends itself so effortlessly to the genre. But more than that, and more importantly in difference to their counterparts they propose more of a threat.

The band add a more furious energy to the blissed-out sound of Hinds, and with it they create much more of a buz. Built for speed not comfort ‘Crack in a Colour’ comes out the blocks and only stops as it dies.

Take a listen below.