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Vin Diesel turned down a role in Foo Fighters movie 'Studio 666'


Vin Diesel can do whatever movie he wants. With enough cache built up from an endless number of Fast and Furious sequels, Diesel can fund as many XXX or Chronicles of Riddick movies as he desires, likely until the end of time.

But who would have thought that Diesel was so particular about his casting choices? That’s what Dave Grohl found out when he was assembling actors for the upcoming Foo Fighters horror-comedy, Studio 666.

Grohl managed to land stars like Whitney Cummings, Will Forte, Jeff Garlin, Lionel Richie, and even Slayer’s Kerry King to appear in the film. But there was one actor who declined to get in on the fun: Mark Sinclair, better known to the wider world as Vin Diesel.

“The casting process was literally me looking through my phone,” Grohl tells Empire Magazine in a recent feature. “We fucking asked Vin Diesel to be in the movie! We were like, ‘Oh my god, ten million people will go see this film! And he said no.” 

Who knows what role Diesel would have filled had he said yes. Friendly neighbour distressed at the hauntings going on a Foo Fighters HQ? Long lost brother of Pat Smear? Replacement musician for when one of the Foos inevitably gets slain by the possessed Grohl? Otherworldly demon? The devil himself?

We can only speculate at this point. In the same interview, Grohl also explains that he was approached by an outside film company to create the movie. “They said, ‘We’d love to make a horror film with Foo Fighters’. Which I thought was the most ridiculous fucking idea I’ve ever heard,” Grohl tells Empire. “But as I was sitting in that house by myself, day after day, I started thinking, ‘We’ve got the house, we could do something here.’ So I came up with this ridiculous premise for a horror film.”

If you want to see what wacky antics the band get into, you can see Studio 666 when it is released on February 25th.