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(Credit: Jarle Vines)


Van Morrison sued by Northern Ireland health minister over Covid-19 claims


Van Morrison is being sued by the Northern Ireland health minister Robin Swann for defamation owing to his Covid-19 remarks.

Over the course of the pandemic, Morrison took to waging a personal war against the lifesaving restrictions enforced to tackle the virus. In a slew of ill-advised remarks and songs on the subject Morrison continued to espouse his own views which Swann has branded “bizarre and irresponsible”.

As part of his dangerous tirade, the Pottinger-native Morrison personally focused his aim at Swann calling him a “very dangerous” “fraud”.

Previously Swann condemned his actions in a Rolling Stone piece whereby he wrote: “[Morrison’s] words will give great comfort to the conspiracy theorists – the tin foil hat brigade who crusade against masks and vaccines.”

Since then, Swann has decided to take the matter to court and is suing the singer for defamatory comments made against him. Swann’s lawyer Paul Tweed has announced that the court proceedings are set to begin in early 2022. 

However, Morrison’ lawyer, Joe Rice, has asserted that he will fight the case. Rice claims that his client was acting in the interest of the public and his remarks constitute fair comment. 

At present, it remains to be seen whether the case will eventually have its day in court, but more is expected from the sorry saga in the coming weeks.