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Unsigned Sunday: California Carpool - 'PLEASURE'


Isaac Ide the drummer from Brighton band Morning Smoke has been creating lo-fi gems under the guise of California Carpool for a while now and the latest release we ahev taken a particular shine to is ‘PLEASURE’. It combines Ide’s delicate and wavy vision with his ability to make what cane be such a hard genre to make palatable taste as sweet as a honey sandwich (another CC track).

For that reason we have made ‘PLEASURE’ our Unsigned Sunday selection. Well, that reason and the fact that if you are as fragile as we are right now the only thing that will get you through this day is Ide’s defibrillating drum beat and church-like vocals.

You wouldn’t expect anything less form a drummer but the beat is really what takes the track on to a different level from other lo-fi/gazey efforts. That accompanied by the Joy Division-like bass adds to the sense of envelopment which ‘PLEASURE’ brings.

California Carpool have a habit of making us feel both warm and safe but with a sligth tinge of dread. Like waking up in cotton wool but knowing you’re allergic to it and that anaphylactic shock could come at any point.

It’s a strange place to be, in constant trepidation between life and death. Fighting for breath as the drum beat massages oour hearts and minds only to be warned of unkown by Ide’s vocal performance. But we do know we are going to wait for the end listening to this touching, unnerving and immense sound from California Carpool.

Jack Whatley