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(Credit: Eugene)


Ukrainian filmmakers call for a boycott of Russian culture


The despicable events of the past few weeks that saw Vladimir Putin’s Russia invade Ukraine with bullish, heartless violence has rocked the world, sparking political and economic sanctions that are aiming to destabilise the Russian regime. Such sanctions have been joined by calls for cultural privileges to be revoked too with the likes of Netflix, Spotify and Apple having already pulled their services from the country. 

In addition to such private companies restricting access in the country, the Eurovision Song Contest has banned a Russian entry, a key Formula One race being moved from the country in September and UEFA moved the Champions League final match from St. Petersburg to Paris. 

Now, the Ukrainian Film Academy has called for an international boycott of Russian culture, with filmmakers such as Roman Bondarchuk, Valentyn Vasyanovych and Nariman Aliev releasing statements on the matter. 

“Ukrainians are defending their freedom and right to exist,” Bondarchuk, the director of Volcano wrote in a statement obtained by The Guardian, adding: “We need help. It is necessary to limit the influence of Russian culture in the world. Culture prepared the ideological basis for this war…Help Ukraine survive this war”. 

Valentyn Vasyanovych, the director behind Atlantis, further added, “It is necessary to lower the iron cultural curtain around Russia. Stop any cultural collaborations with representatives of a terrorist country that threatens to destroy the whole world”. 

Calling on producers and Hollywood studios to “terminate any business with business entities of the Russian Federation,” the Ukrainian Film Academy added in a statement that they are looking to fight back against their aggressive assailants using whatever means necessary.