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Credit: Jonathan Grado


UK music consumption increased for seventh year running in 2021


Music consumption in the UK has continued to increase for the seventh year running, with the figures for 2021 representing a new high point. 

Figures this year, are up 2.5% on last year according to the BPI’s annual report on the UK’s listening habits. Previously, it was also found by the BPI that vinyl sales had reached a 30 year high in the UK this year.

While it is difficult to ascertain just how many times someone has spun a 12 inch, the data showed that streaming equated for 83% of our listening habits, with the UK responsible for a whopping 147billion streams. 

Thankfully, from a musical standpoint, this growth has finally been mirrored by increased investment from musical labels in the artists. Hopefully, this greater equity can continue moving forward as consumption continues to increase as psychologists state more of us have turned to the healing power of music during lockdown. 

Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive BPI, announced: “As our lives continue to be disrupted, the past 12 months have reminded us again of the important role that recorded music plays in our lives.”

Concluding: “At the same time, the rise of streaming has empowered more artists than ever – from all backgrounds and eras – to build new fanbases around the world and to forge successful careers in music, while record labels have continued to provide the investment and support needed for British talent to thrive and reach a truly global audience.”