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U.S. Girls share 1980s inspired new single ‘So Typically Now’

U.S. Girls - 'So Typically Now'

With ‘So Typically Now’, U.S. Girls have delivered a perfect pastiche of every late 1980s musical element in one song, which almost confusingly is otherwise very modern, in an irreverent mishmash absolutely guaranteed to have your toes a-tapping. 

It has a drum machine that harks back to ‘Thriller’, the wailing backing vocals by Kyle Kidd are a perfect send-up to disco’s second generation as the Detroit echo spread around the globe, and the synths are so slinky that if you were to trace the musical contours you could probably slip on them. 

All the while, this smorgasbord of ‘80s delights also has a fresh production feel and the lyrical content is so current that is almost post-postmodernism as it weaves technology into spoken language: “I sent you an image / You sent me a thumbs down.” Most importantly, however, is that all of that adds up to a solid dose of fun. 

Visceral and bouncy there is enough bopping going on in this welter to ensure that it cracks the radio. In fact, it even has the old-school ‘80s vibe about it whereby you can picture a cigar smoking industry big-wig swanning into the studio and proclaiming: ‘That’s a hit!’

As of yet, the single isn’t attached to an album. However, as has been hinted, U.S. Girls are set to follow up Heavy Light with a new record imminently. And if ‘So Typically Now’ is anything to go by, it will take on a joyously unfettered approach. 

You can check out the single, released on 4AD, below. 

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