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Ty Segall shares 'I'm A Man' and announces an album of covers titled 'Fudge Sandwich'


You can’t make a horse drink, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you can’t keep Ty Segall from putting out records. Following his collaborative album Joy with White Fence earlier this year, and his solo record Freedom Goblin which was out in January, Ty has now announced a brand new album of covers.

The LP, titled Fudge Sandwich, is out October 26th via In the Red and could prove to be a seminal moment in the artist’s life. The record will include Segall’s versions of songs by John Lennon, Grateful Dead, Amon Düül II, Funkadelic, and more.

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Today, he’s shared a quite typically raucous cover of British band Spencer Davis Group’s 1967 song ‘I’m a Man.’ The single is a Ty Segall classic, buzzing and frenetic its amalgamation of ideas is confusing and alluring in equal measure. It is the easiest Track of the Day we’ve named in a while.

Find the tracklisting for Fudge Sandwich below.

Fudge Sandwich:

01 Lowrider (War)
02 I’m a Man (Spencer Davis Group)
03 Isolation (John Lennon)
04 Hit It and Quit it (Funkadelic) 05 Class War (The Dils)
06 The Loner (Neil Young)
07 Pretty Miss Titty (Gong)
08 Archangel Thunderbird (Amon Düül II)
09 Rotten to the Core (Rudimentary Peni)
10 St. Stephen (Grateful Dead)
11 Slowboat (Sparks)