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(Credit: Ty Segall)


Ty Segall releases new single ‘Saturday Pt. 2’

Ty Segall - 'Saturday Pt. 2'

Ty Segall has always been a difficult artist to place. His output is so variant that he seems to exist in some sort of multiverse. Naturally, this means that his back catalogue waxes and wanes. With his new single ‘Saturday Pt. 2’ he has hit upon another one of those moments where everything seems to align, and his singularity shines through with a gem where all the constituent parts are as perfectly considered for your eternal enjoyment as a fajita spice mix. 

The song is reminiscent of the morning after the Friday of his masterpiece ‘My Lady’s On Fire’. The melody has odd marks of dissonance that make it alluring without ever pulling away from the pleasantry of its overall rhythm. This is something else that makes Segall so hard to place in another sense—he can somehow make a hodgepodge of musical contours into a lush lawn of sound. 

His tale of weekend revelry is blessed with a sax that breaks through the malaise of the “drywall” week with a sense of lingering exultation. It’s almost like a hangover track that recognises that the night before was worth it and it’ll be soon worth it once more. 

The song is the latest single from the 34-year-olds forthcoming album Hello Hi which is due for release on July 22nd via Drag City. The album comes in quick succession to last year’s surprise drop Harmoniser

Segall is also set to embark upon a tour of North America in the coming weeks. And as many fans will tell you, he’s well worth catching on the road where his searing guitar work really comes to the fore alongside the folky ditties he can strum just as easily. 

You can check out the very singular ‘Saturday Pt. 2’ below.