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Twin Peaks share two new tracks

Starting back in June, we are now coming to the end of Twin Peak’s latest project with this new release. The project is ‘Sweet ‘17’ and sees the band follow up their recent live album Urbs in Horto as a new way for Twin Peaks to bring out brand new music while touring.

The project saw the band release pretty much a track a month and is now concluding with the double release of ‘In The Meadow’ and ‘We Will Not Make It (Not Without You)’.

The tracks are a departure from the band’s chaotic roots and speaks highly of their musical maturation, as they dabble in different genres and let ‘vibes’ rule over stylistic choices. What’s more, it feels totally like ‘them’. Relaxed and splattered with a touch of sunny reverb it’s some of their better work.

If you’re worried about the series coming to an end,. never fear, the band also announced that they will be compiling all the tracks released under this project in to a compilation 12″, which will be out 9th February via Grand Jury.