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Twin Peaks launch their ‘Sweet ‘17’ Single series


Twin Peaks, our glorious boys from Chi-town have announced details of their new project. The project is ‘Sweet ‘17’ and sees the band follow up their recent live album Urbs in Horto as a new way for the band to bring out fabulous tracks while touring.

The project will see the band release one track a month until the end of the year and is a great way to keep the musical juices flowing while the tour bus keeps rolling.

Cadien Lake James had this to say “Sweet ‘17 is a singles series we’ll be releasing from next month through to the end of the year. Given our demanding touring schedule, we figured a good way to release new music without having to carve out the time to record a full length LP between tours would be to track whenever we could find the time, and release the music in a series of 7” records”.

He continued: “This structure also allowed us the opportunity to experiment without a focus on creating a cohesive body of work. Today we’re excited to share the first single “Tossing Tears,” featuring Ohmme (Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham) on background vocals and Macie also tackling the strings. Much more to come…”

To give you a little taste the band have shared ‘Tossing Tears’, a camp fire sing-a-long of a track, with the warmth of a fresh s’more and sweeter still.