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Tweens - Be Mean


Despite having only formed in 2012, Cincinatti born Tweens have a fast expanding fan base that’s showing little sign of slowing down. One of their fans, Breeders’ Kim Deal offered the trash-pop trio their big break; inviting Tweens to open their US tour off the back of Shake It Records owner Jim Blaze’s recommendation.

Despite the established friends, Tweens are very much their own band, bratty and precocious, sincere and genuine. The band’s name conjures just the right image: screaming hordes afflicted with Beatlemania, teenyboppers out for a good time, the underage, over-the-top punks in Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains. Think of cheery kids at their most excited, but juxtaposed with lyrics about bad boyfriends and unrelenting independency. Tweens are not a riot grrrl revisionist band, but they are a ferociously honest one.

Today’s track of the day ‘Be Mean’ is the first single to be revealed by the band who are set to release their self-titled album on April 7th via Frenchkiss Records. 

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