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TV Priest share new song 'Lifesize'


English post-punkers TV Priest have shared their latest single, ‘Lifesize’.

Sometimes all you need are great sounding drums. When ‘Lifesize’ kicks off proper, the lead instrument is a gigantic set of drums pounding away. Eventually, some deep de-tuned bass enters to compliment the guttural vocals and buzzsaw guitars, but those drums never waver. I found myself replaying the song just to hear that groove over again. It’s fantastic.

The song is a part of the Sub Pop Singles Club that features an unlikely group of artists, including contributions from camp master John Waters, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, Duma, LIDS, Washed Out, Hand Habits, BNH Deluxe, Porridge Radio, and Sheltered Workshop Singers, among others.

“‘Lifesize’ is about the worship of the ‘strong man’ image often present in our political and cultural discourse,” says the band’s lead singer Charlie Drinkwater. “One where the patriarchal underpinnings of our society and political structure goes unchallenged. After a particularly grueling year, when people have looked to leaders for strength, we’ve found instead empty gestures and contempt. (‘Talk like a salesman, walks like the Pope.’) We don’t need more macho bravado; society needs empathy and compassion.”

TV Priest released their debut LP Uppers earlier this year, and they are embarking on a European tour to cap off 2021. Check out the visualiser for ‘Lifesize’.