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TV Preist make a triumphant return with 'One Easy Thing'

TV Priest - 'One Easy Thing'

Opening the second verse of ‘One Easy Thing, TV Priest frontman Charlie Drinkwater makes a startling statement. “I’m going to take these clothes off now,” he sings, offering up an image that seems to reveal the very core of this stunning new offering.

In the last couple of years, the London-based quartet has garnered a reputation as one of the most intelligent and unflinching bands on the scene. Here, we see them peel their songwriting back to craft something that is at once deeply confessional and gloriously scathing

Following the success of their debut album, Uppers, last year, TV Priest are preparing to release their much-anticipated follow up later in 2022. ‘One Easy Thing’ is the first indication of things to come. In a recent statement, Drinkwater explained how “Writing ‘One Easy Thing’ was key to unlocking a more direct and personal approach to our songwriting. It’s about dealing with the small things of everyday life; the anxiety, pressures, and battles inside your own headspace – and not being afraid to show this in our songs.”

That vulnerability makes its way into TV Priest’s sonic world as well. Where the group’s previous hits (‘Press Gang’, ‘Lifesize’, ‘The Big Curve’) have all relied on motoric krautrock beats to ground Drinkwater’s ferocious lyrics, ‘One Easy Thing’ opens with a loose net of acoustic guitar, allowing the frontman to point out that, while he might be known for spitting his words onto the concrete, he can hold a tune just as well.

‘One Easy Thing’ arrives alongside a cinematic new video, in which Drinkwater stars as a wounded 15th-century knight returning from battle. Shot in grainy 16mm black and white, stock, many of the scenes wouldn’t feel amiss in Aleksei German’s Hard To Be A God; that is, until our knight begins a solo danse macabre, jerking his armoured legs in time to TV Priest’s throbbing guitar lines.

If you haven’t listened to TV Priest already, you better remedy that right now. The group’s reputation has spawned countless rip-offs, but Drinkwater and the gang remain one step ahead, pushing their sound into unmarked sonic and lyrical territory, all while making it very clear that the UK – with all its failings and grim weather- is still birthing a serious amount of talent. Make sure you check out TV Priest’s ‘One Easy Thing’, released via Subpop, below.