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(Credit: Hulu)


Watch the trailer for upcoming Hulu rom-com 'Fire Island'

Every year, the major streaming platforms enter a heated battle to secure the best new projects in order to boost viewership. Hulu has managed to make an interesting addition to its 2022 lineup by landing Andrew Ahn’s upcoming romantic comedy Fire Island which is set to be released via Hulu and Disney+ later this year.

Starring the likes of Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang and Margaret Cho among others, Fire Island has been inspired by Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice. It follows the eventful adventures of two best friends who decide to visit the eponymous gay paradise in order to have fun and explore their own identities.

In an extensive interview by Vanity Fair, many cast and crew members spoke about the upcoming project. While talking about the new film, Joel Kim Booster said: “We made something really, really special and unique and gay, The fact that we did that feels miraculous, considering what we were up against.”

Booster also claimed that the modern contextualisation of Austen’s literary frameworks was the perfect fit for the film’s central narrative. “Jane Austen’s observations about the way people are awful to each other without being awful to each other—I was like, Oh, my God. This is shade. This is what gay men do all the time,” Booster added.

“It makes me really nervous when people say, ‘This movie’s going to be really important,'” Booster revealed, addressing the burden of expectations. “Like, please don’t. I don’t need that. I feel like the stakes are really high for me. I have a biweekly breakdown in front of Andrew, and then we’re done, and I go to set and everything is good.”

Watch the new trailer for Fire Island below.