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(Credit: YouTube)


Watch the trailer for controversial new documentary 'Who Killed The KLF?'


Chris Atkins has released the trailer for his controversial documentary Who Killed The KLF?, a film that has now been released on digital platforms.

One of the controversial points of the documentary is the use of the band’s music within the film itself, under the defence of fair use or fair dealing which allows for the use of copyrighted work without payment or permission if it is being used for the purpose of criticism or education.

Representatives from The KLF and their legal team, however, are not happy with the situation. They were against the film since production began in 2016, even trying to block its release. Back in 2016, member Jimmy Caughty told an interviewer: “We don’t want to do it – it’s like an archaeological dig through the past. We’re doing other things that we think are much more interesting.”

However, with the group’s own history of unauthorised sampling, the claims of copyright infringement might put a damper on their claims against the documentary. 

It seems that the documentary was made in good faith, with Atkins stating: “The whole point is to introduce their genius to a generation that doesn’t know they exist. You watch this film and you think Bill and Jimmy are amazing. It’s the definitive telling of the greatest music and art story of the 20th century that’s never really been told, because the two protagonists won’t talk about it.”

Regardless, the documentary and the trailer are both seeing the light of day, and the ongoing controversy over this unauthorised film will have to continue shaking out. If you want to check out the trailer for Who Killed The KLF? you can watch it down below.